FLYTIPPING is nothing new across the borough.

But it doesn’t get anymore acceptable with time.

The latest pile of rubbish, dumped at the bottom of Purfleet Road, Aveley, worryingly contained asbestos too.

It’s well-documented how dangerous this can be, if breathed in, or handled in any way.

Yet these flytippers clearly couldn’t care less.

They dump whenever, and wherever, they think they can get away with it. And this latest example comes coincidentally in a week when the Gazette covered the inquest of an Orsett man William Seymour.

He died of excessive exposure to the deadly material.

This again brings the issue of asbestos into the news for wrong, and worrying, reasons.

So again the issue of fly-tipping must be looked at.

The authorities, namely the council and police, need to get their heads together and fathom ways to stop this becoming such a common occurrence.

Councillor Peter Smith suggests an increased use of automatic number plate recognition across the borough to find culprits. It may be worth looking at. All suggestions, and pressure from those in power, are welcome.

Solutions have to be found. And then those who don’t care about where they dump their rubbish can be hauled before the courts and hit with heavy fines.