MURDER squad detectives are busy gathering evidence surrounding the horrible, and mysterious, death of Julie Hunt.

Julie, 47, was brutally attacked near the busy A1306 Arterial Road in West Thurrock.

Paramedics worked so hard to revive Ms Hunt at the scene, but their efforts could not prevent her sad and untimely death.

In the aftermath it was confirmed she had died of a severe head injury as the result, it was said, of “blunt force trauma” to Ms Hunt’s head and face.

Police have not gone into much detail about specifics surrounding the death, whether they believe it occurred inside a vehicle, or at the side of the road.

But it is now hoped the key to finding and convicting the culprit or culprits lies within the Thurrock community.

This attack happened at a time of a day when the road would have been particularly busy - at about 8.30am on Friday, April 20.

This week’s paper has published CCTV of four cars. Police believe each of the drivers were in the vicinity at the time, and are hopeful they may have actually witnessed what happened.

We are happy to publish these and hope that someone comes forward to help conclude this horrible case for the sake of Ms Hunt and her family left behind.