ANOTHER election night has come and gone in Thurrock, and although it didn’t have the usual level of high drama one anticipates, it was an eventful evening none-the-less.

Overall, on reflection, it was kind of alright on the night for the Blues and Reds, but not such a great evening for the recently formed Thurrock Independents.

The party, set-up to replace Ukip, suffered quite a hit, losing four of the five councillors up for re-election.

The sole survivor was Tim Aker, who is still a Member of the European Parliament...for Ukip!

Yes, it’s all a little odd, and adding to the colour on the night was the failed challenge for his seat by former 80s popster David Van Day, formerly of pop duo Dollar.

One of the biggest shocks of the night was the unseating of Graham Snell, the Thurrock Independents leader. He came last out of four candidates too with just 177 votes. It’s clear the Thurrock Independents have a lot of work to do if they are to survive.

Meanwhile, anyone in any doubt about Ukip having had its day in Thurrock need look no further than the one candidate who was challenging on the night, for the Stanford East and Corringham Town seat. He gathered just 132 votes and was laughed off the stage by some Conservatives.

Another shock was the unseating of mayor Tunde Ojetola. He was visibly stunned afterwards and said he needed time to get his head around what had happened before making a call on his political future.


The biggest shock of the night was without a doubt the finishing time...all done by 1am!! Unheard of. On these occasions, usually packed with recounts after recounts, you don't get any change out of 4am!