TOO often we hear, or read, about people having bad experiences when buying puppies.

Puppy farms are big business.

People can earn some serious cash. It’s easy to see why plenty open.

But if these firms are run by unscrupulous people trying to make quick cash it can leave the buyer feeling conned and drained.

This week we feature the story of Fudge, the chocolate labrador who died just days after he found a new home in Tilbury.

Owner Annette Thompson was left with a £2,500 vet bill and that’s after spending £550 to buy him in the first place from a licensed dog seller.

Fudge had been affected by the parvovirus and passed away within a week.

This particular dog seller is being investigated by council officials, not just for this case but others too.

However, the seller did fully reimburse Ms Thompson and it may turn out, after a probe, this particular person may just have been unlucky.

Either way, it’s right where there is any suspicion, a dog breeder should be investigated thoroughly. As the cost, financially and emotionally, can take its toll on those who buy a pup they fall in love with.