MP James Duddridge has repeated a call for online gambling to be allowed inside casinos.

The Tory Rochford and Southend East MP wants a change to the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill to allow online gambling in casinos, claiming it would safer than letting gamblers do it at home.

Mr Duddridge wanted to update a 2005 law banning the practice and was backed by Labour and Lib Dem MPs.

He said: “I don’t necessarily want there to be more gambling, but I would like more of the existing gambling to take place in licensed and heavilyregulated environments.

“Bricks and mortar casinos are highly-regulated. They are at the top of the regulatory pyramid in gambling, which is why I find it hard to understand why casinos are restricted from offering a full range of products to their customers.”

The MP later withdrew the ammendment after the Government failed to back it.

Mr Duddridge was criticised by political opponents and Echo readers earlier this month after he praised Southend’s gambling centres.