A couple believe they saw a UFO on their way home from work.

The pair had been driving along a country lane when they spotted a beam of light in the sky in the Cressing area.

The couple, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “We came off the main road and were heading home towards Notley when we both saw a UFO in the sky.

“It appeared to be round in shape and although it was high up, you could just about make out the shape.

“But what caught our attention was the fact that it had a huge bright white beam of light coming from it.

“It wasn't beaming down or in front, but straight up into the sky.

“We were so surprised by what we were seeing, we stopped the car to concentrate on it.”

They claim to have seen this unexplained phenomenon sometime between 6.30pm - 7pm on December 15.

The couple have posted their statement on the UFO sightings website www.uk-ufo.co.uk