GREEK students got a taste of what school life is like in Maldon.

A group of 33 students from a school in Kephalonia spent the day at Plume School in Fambridge Road.

During their visit the youngsters were paired with year ten students who showed them around and gave them an insight into what it is like to attend an English school.

At the end of the day, Plume pupils performed a scene from Romeo and Juliet and the visiting students gave a demonstration of traditional Greek singing and dancing.

Isabelle Courcha, head of specialist status at the school, said: “The students swapped stories about their experience of education.

“They mixed very well and formed relationships quickly.

“They exchanged e-mail addresses at the end of the day so they can all stay in touch.”

Mrs Courcha added: “I hope this is the start of an international relationship between the two schools.

“With our performing arts specialist status there is an endless list of possibilities for joint curriculum projects between the schools.

“It was a very successful visit which was enjoyed by everyone involved.”

All participating pupils were presented with a certificate during a reception attended by teachers and governors at the school.