WEST Chelmsford MP Simon Burns has criticised a fellow MP for his “hackneyed stereotyping” of Essex.

He had asked Olympics Minister Tessa Jowel on how she thought Essex would benefit from the 2012 Olympics.

North West Leicestershire Labour MP David Taylor joined in the debate by commenting: “ Will the Minister care to deny the scurrilous rumours that, to encourage the people of Essex to be more involved, it is intended that the sports of putting the medallion and throwing the white high heels should be included?”

An angry Mr Burns said: “I am bitterly disappointed that in a sensible exchange with the Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell MP, about how Essex could benefit from the Olympics a Labour MP (David Taylor, NW Leicestershire) should interject with such a silly and hackneyed stereotyping of people in Essex. It is very immature and unnecessary.

“However, the Minister did come up with some sensible ideas that could benefit people in Chelmsford; firstly, there are a lot of contracts to be awarded for building the Olympic site and providing the services to run the Olympics which businesses in Chelmsford may want to take part in bidding for.

“Secondly, there are many opportunities for constituents of mine, if they are interested, to put themselves forward for consideration as volunteers during the Olympics themselves.”