A POPULAR peacock has sadly died after being hit by a car.

Residents have been delighted over the past few months as a friendly face wandered the town.

But after being spotted near the A120 at Dunmow, the peacock was taken to the Kingfisher Wildlife and Exotics Sanctuary in Abington by Essex Police to be looked after.

Staff there believe he had been hit by a car.

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Resident and animal lover Nicole Howe broke the news to residents on Facebook.

Nicole said: "I was made aware of the peacock on Flitch Green community page.

"It had been brought to my attention he was limping and was not far from the main road.

"I was going to catch him but knew once I was there it would be impossible as he was so long and big.

Another resident had called the RSPCA but no one turned up so Nicole called the Police.

Braintree and Witham Times: Police took the peacock to Kingfisher Wildlife and Exoctics Santuary I'm AbingtonPolice took the peacock to Kingfisher Wildlife and Exoctics Santuary I'm Abington

Nicole added: "The officer arrived and myself and him tried to catch the peacock, but he managed to limp away and fly into a neighbouring garden.

"Luckily the police was able to gain access to the property after speaking to the owner and eventually the peacock gave up.

"His leg was broken, amongst other injuries and it was touch and go. After a week the peacock began to suffer from Sepsis and died on Sunday (June 6) morning.

"I definitely feel that wildlife are overlooked a lot more than domesticated animals. It's so sad. I'm a big animal lover , rescuing animals here in the UK and Tunisia.

"If you see an injured animal, please report it, tell someone, post in a Facebook group.

"There are many people that care about our wildlife and we need to help protect them. In Flitch Green we have a few peacocks that are well loved residents of the estate and are looked after by many, so it is a sad loss to the community."