RESIDENTS are not happy as congestion throughout the town increases due to more and more roadworks.

Several planned works are currently taking place across Braintree town centre, some of which have collided with unplanned works.

One resident claims it took her an hour and a half to travel from Sainsburys to her home, just one mile away.

Temporary traffic controls are currently in place on Courtauld Road, on the mini roundabout with Coggeshall Road.

According to Essex Highways these works are due to be completed on Sunday (June 6).

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But residents have complained of a "gridlocked" town centre.

One resident label it "an absolute disgrace".

Braintree Council contacted Essex Highways after the traffic chaos and Essex Highways confirmed that several planned works, collided with immediate works, adding to the congestion.

A council spokesperson said: “We understand the frustration of residents and businesses this week.

"We have contacted Essex Highways who confirmed that the timing of several planned works in Braintree collided with unplanned immediate works which have added to the congestion motorists have experienced.

"Essex Highways has assured us that they have sent an inspector to the site to see what can be done to mitigate the congestion.”

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “There were several planned works in Braintree this week including Courtauld Road in addition to several unplanned emergency works that have unfortunately added to the congestion. We have sent an inspector to the site who will advise on what measures can be taken to improve the situation.”

Work is also going on throughout the town centre as part of the £2.95million pedestrianisation scheme.

The £30m regeneration of Manor Street and Victoria Street is also due to finish in 2021.

Braintree Council says there is no suggestion the Manor Street development or high street pedestrianisation have added to the current congestion.