The Conservatives have claimed victory in the Essex County Council elections and will retain control of County Hall.

All 75 seats were up for grabs as counting commenced across the county today.

The Conservatives have emerged with 52 seats - well over a majority - and have taken 69.33% of the vote.

Labour have five seats and the Lib Dems eight, with the Greens on one seat.

Ahead of the election the Conservatives held 52 seats, the Lib Dems had eight and Labour six.

In the nine divisions in the borough of Colchester, the Conservatives took five seats, while Labour and the Liberal Democrats each secured two.

The overall turnout in Colchester was 33.91%.

The council's deputy leader Kevin Bentley (Con), held his Stanway and Pyefleet seat and is widely tipped to become the next leader of the council. 

Braintree and Witham Times: Big result: Kevin Bentley held his seat and is tipped to become the next leader of the councilBig result: Kevin Bentley held his seat and is tipped to become the next leader of the council

Reacting to his party's performance in Colchester, he said: "It’s been an outstanding day for the Conservatives in the county elections.

"In Colchester not only returning myself with a good majority but we’ve seen John Jowers win by a large margin in Mersea and Tiptree and also Sue Lissimore getting a great result in the Drury devision.

"There was also a huge result for Lewis Barber in Constable after Anne Brown stepped down.

“We’ve gained Parsons Heath and East Gates and I can’t think of a time when the Conservatives held that seat. 

“Simon Crow, who got the result, is a dynamic councillor for the borough so I am looking forward to welcoming him to County Hall. 

“In other seats we did okay, as I was leaving the count I saw we came second in Abbey."

He added: “The Conservatives have had a great result and I would like to thank people for having faith in us. 

“We’ve increased our vote share and I would thank people for voting for us, we will not let you down. 

“We will carry on running the county with great efficiency. 

“Over the next year one thing we have got to concentrate on is renewal as we come out of lockdown and emerge from the pandemic. 

“It will be about making sure we make we help people by creating jobs, helping businesses through the recovery process and ensuring the right infrastructure is there to succeed. 

“Another focus will be on equality and ambition, this is a very ambitious county in its own right. 

“We want to make sure Essex continues to be one of the best places where people can work, rest, play and live, while at the same time making sure we protect our most vulnerable.”

Elsewhere in Colchester, Mark Cory (Lib Dem), also leader of Colchester Council, took the Wivenhoe St Andrew county council division from Labour.

He pipped Labour's Julie Young to the seat by 183 votes.

Braintree and Witham Times: Seat taken: Mark Cory took the Wivenhoe St Andrews seat from LabourSeat taken: Mark Cory took the Wivenhoe St Andrews seat from Labour

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In Tendring there were eight divisions up for grabs.

These are Brightlingsea, Frinton and Walton, Harwich, Clacton East, Clacton North, Tendring Rural East, Clacton West, and Tendring Rural West.

Dan Land (Con), the new councillor for the Tendring Rural East Division, dedicated his victory to his late dad, who previously worked for Essex County Council.

He said: “It’s great to have won and this is for my dad who passed away last year - he would have been proud.

"I was never able to stand for Essex County Council because he worked for them, so when that changed in 2019 I set my heart and soul on becoming a county councillor.

“I have achieved that today, so I am really proud. I’m a well-known, and respected councillor and I have got to get that name out a bit further now.”

Paul Honeywood (Con), for the Clacton West Division, has vowed to do all he can for his residents following his win.

He said: “I’m really pleased with the results and pleased that residents of Clacton put their trust in me, and I will do my best.

“I hoped I would do well, and I am pleased that I have.”

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Here are the results for the Colchester Borough: 


Pauline Bacon, Labour and Co-operative Party (707 votes / 11.96%)

Roger Bamforth, Green Party (613 votes / 10.37%)

Lewis Barber - Elected, Conservative Party (3965 votes / 67.08%)

William Brown, Liberal Democrats (491 votes / 8.31%)

Andrew Phillips, Reform UK (135 votes / 2.28%)

Turnout: 39.59%

Parsons Heath and East Gates:

John Baker Liberal Democrats, (1516 votes / 32.96%)

Abigail Chambers, Labour Party (691 votes / 15.02%)

Simon Crow - Elected, Conservative Party (1895 votes / 41.20%)

Kemal Cufoglu, Green Party (498 votes / 10.83%)

Turnout: 35.86%


Richard Bourne, Labour Party (1263 votes / 21.29%)

Natalie Edgoose, Green Party (540 votes / 9.10%)

Sue Lissimore - Elected, Conservative Party (3328 votes / 56.09%)

Isobel Merry, Liberal Democrats (802 votes / 13.52%)

Turnout: 41.95%

Mersea and Tiptree:

Usha Agarwal-Hollands, Labour Party (483 votes / 9.65%)

Peter Banks, Green Party (672 votes / 13.43%)

John Jowers - Elected, Conservative Party (3592 votes / 71.80%)

Susan Waite Liberal Democrats (256 votes / 5.12%)

Turnout: 22.47%

Mile End and Highwoods:

Diane Baker, Reform UK (162 votes / 2.91%)

David King - Elected, Liberal Democrats (2221 votes / 39.86%)

Amanda Kirke, Green Party (387 votes / 6.95%)

Jocelyn Law, Labour Party (946 votes / 16.98%)

David Linghorn-Baker, Conservative Party (1856 votes / 33.31%)

Turnout: 32.08%

Wivenhoe St Andrew:

Asa Aldis, Green Party (427 votes / 9.19%)

Kevin Blair, Reform UK (57 votes / 1.23%)

Jodie Clark, Conservative Party (696 votes / 14.98%)

Mark Cory - Elected, Liberal Democrats (1825 votes / 39.27%)

Julie Young, Labour Party (1642 votes / 35.33%)

Turnout: 28.35%


Petra Crees, Conservative Party (1475 votes / 25.94%)

Timothy Mountstephen, Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews. (89 votes / 1.57%)

Stephanie Nissen, Green Party (981 votes / 17.25%)

Peter Schraml, Liberal Democrats (585 votes / 10.29%)

Lee Scordis - Elected, Labour Party (2556 votes / 44.95%)

Turnout: 30.57%


Anthony Emment, Liberal Democrats (666 votes / 15.16%)

Dave Harris - Elected, Labour Party (2187 votes / 49.78%)

Joseph Johnson, Reform UK (92 votes / 2.09%)

Christopher Piggott, Conservative Party (1233 votes / 28.07%)

Blake Roberts, Green Party (215 votes / 4.89%)

Turnout: 29.04%

Stanway and Pyefleet:

Kevin Bentley - Elected, Conservative Party (3004 votes / 51.13%)

Michael Lilley, Labour Party (1014 votes / 17.26%)

John McArthur, Green Party (388 votes / 6.60%)

Lesley Scott-Boutell, Liberal Democrats (1469 votes / 25.00%

Turnout: 35.74%

Here are the results for Tendring:

Harwich Division:

S Banks, (Liberal Democrat) - 220

R Callender, (Conservative) – 1,683

I Henderson - Elected (Labour) – 2,503

Clacton West:

S Duffy, (Lib Dem) – 142

S Hammond, (Lab) – 518

P Honeywood, (Conservative) – 1,986 ELECTED

A Morgan, (Reform UK) – 245

T Osben, (Green) – 151

M Sohail, (For Britain) – 11

A White, (Tendring First) – 370 

Clacton North:

D Bolton, (Labour) – 483

N Osben, (Green) – 146

A Pemberton, (Reform UK) – 130

G Placey, (Tendring First) – 349

M Skeels, (Conservative) – 1,404 ELECTED

A Wood, (Independent) – 262

Tendring Rural East:

J Henderson, (Labour) – 807

D Land, (Conservative) – 3,334 ELECTED

D Mayzes, (Independent) – 203

K Pitkin, (Liberal Democrat) – 343

C Sohail, (For Britain) – 67

C Southall, (Green) – 277

Clacton East:

Chris Amos, (Con) - 1454

Rosie Dodds, (Green) - 117

Geoffrey Ely, (Lab) - 300

Kate Hammond, (Reform) - 89

K.T King, (Holland On Sea & Eastcliff Matters) - 554

Mary Pitkin, (Lib) - 76

Mark Stephenson, (Ind) - 1902 ELECTED

Frinton and Walton:

Terry Allen (Tendring First) - 1310

Matthew Bensilum (Lib) - 125

Susan Clutterbuck (Green) - 353

Nic El-Safty (Lab) - 594

Stephen Mayzes (Ind) - 314

Mark Platt (Con) - 3383 ELECTED

Tendring Rural West:

Terry Barrett (Lib) - 1289

Ian Caruana (Workers Party) - 94

Maria Fowler (Lab) - 577

Carlo Guglielmi (Con) - 2891

Beverley Maltby (Green) - 373


Alan Goggin (Con) - 2426

Michael Barry (Ind) - 1580

Margaret Saunders (Lab) - 376

Garry Scott (Lib) - 1056