THE installation of a controversial 25-metre-high telecommunications tower has been given the green light.

Braintree District Council have granted planning permission to the building of the tower at Colchester Institute Braintree Campus, formerly known as Braintree College on Church Lane.

The 25-metre tower includes, six supporting antennas, four dishes and nine equipment cabinets, all to be contained within a compound enclosed by a two-metre-high mesh fence.

The application, from Mobile Broadband Network Limited, received a number of objections from neighbours who argue the tower is "strongly" out of character and be hugely "overbearing."

One said: "I strongly object to the application.

"The 25-metre-high mast is completely out of character with the area which has many listed buildings and is adjacent to a conservation area.

"The proposed mast would be an eyesore from all neighbouring properties and Bocking Blackwater meadow."

The tower will be built immediately to the rear of the STEM2 College Building.

In October, planning permission was given for the redevelopment of the south part of the College site.

Another objection said: "I object to this huge overbearing mast as it would not be in keeping with the character of the area.

"It would tower above all of the existing buildings and will be an eye sore to all of the local residents as it is too near housing.

"It harms the setting of our historic street, due to its enormous size which surely cannot be necessary.

"I am also worried about the health implications as I note that there is no screening proposed for this mast yet there have not been enough studies regarding these types of masts to ensure the local residents safety."