A large cordon and police presence has been spotted near to a popular beach.

The incident is on going in a field near to East Beach in Shoebury.

Braintree and Witham Times:

The huge area has been shut off and is surrounded by the blue police tape and one police car.

Southend Coastguard says a 30metre cordon is in place to deal with a suspected unexploaded bomb. The spokesman said: "Whilst awaiting Police attendance at East Beach, Southend Coastguard put in a 30m safety cordon to ensure the publics safety as is popular location for dog walkers.

"Once on scene Essex Police started to investigate the suspect ordnance and Dover Coastguard then passed over responsibility to Essex Police as falls under their jurisdiction given the ordnance was above and away from the water line, beach shoreline. We understand the EOD (bomb disposal) were due to attend later this afternoon to further investigate under police direction."

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.