A PAIR of yobs who kicked an innocent pet have been banned from keeping dogs for three years.

Paul Cassell and Graham Nash both kicked a bull mastiff cross boxer called Panda after being involved in an argument about money.

Both admitted causing unnecessary mental or physical suffering to an animal.

Footage at their sentencing hearing at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court showed the two men outside of an address in Braintree.

The dog walks towards a parked car and Cassell proceeds to kick him in the face.

Nash, who was Panda's owner, came out of a house shouting before kicking the dog in the rear and then swinging him towards the house by his front paw.

Their actions were caught on camera.

The RSPCA attended the location with the police who took the dog into their possession and then placed him into care where he is now doing well.

A vet who examined the footage said Panda’s body attitude when first seen on the video showed signs of fear with his ears back, tail between the legs and arched back.

RSPCA inspector Jessica Dayes who investigated the incident said: “The footage was extremely concerning, the dog appeared in the video fearful and the vet report stated this was an unacceptable way to discipline or train a dog and would have caused unnecessary suffering.”

Cassell, 55, of Warrenside, Braintree, was ordered to carry out an 18 month community order with 25 rehabilitation days and a curfew from 7pm to 7am for 8 weeks which would be electronically monitored. He was disqualified from keeping dogs for three years and ordered to pay £600 costs and £95 victim surcharge.

Nash, 39, of Penn Mews, Braintree, was given a similar order with 30 rehabilitation days and 150 hours of unpaid work. He was also disqualified from keeping dogs for three years and ordered to pay the same amount in court charges.