Essex University has confirmed six new cases of coronavirus at its Wivenhoe campus.

Every day the University of Essex updates a special online dashboard with the most recent number of positive Covid-19 cases it has recorded either on-site or off it.

The institution, however, only considers cases as being 'current' for ten days after an individual's positive test.

This means after that period, those cases, including the five people who tested positive last month, are wiped from the public dashboard.

The positive tests were confirmed between October 16 and 18.

It means as of Sunday there are nine positive cases at the campus.

This includes four students on campus, three remote study students and two staff members.

Two other university students who are part of the Southend and Loughton campuses, but are working remotely, have also tested positive within the last ten days and are therefore now self-isolating.

The University of Essex website reads: "The test is offered to all students arriving back at the university’s campuses and around 1,000 frontline staff.

"The testing programme aims to minimise the spread of any potential infections by ensuring the university can take appropriate action as quickly as possible."