WELL now we know.

Our local Conservative MP has voted in favour of the Internal Market Bill, which the Government itself has admitted breaches international law by seeking to renege on a solemn, legally-binding agreement with 27 other European nations.

It is a shameful episode in British history which will come back to haunt us in future.

Britain was once revered for its electoral, democratic and legal system, once the envy of the world.

Now our reputation has been tarnished just to try to get a shabby trade deal with the EU trading block.

Meanwhile our negotiating position has been undermined as envoys try to make trading deals around the world.

Other countries will be unable to trust that the agreements signed will be honoured.

This means they will have moral leverage to use to extract even more favourable terms than before this squalid episode.

I am more than disappointed in Giles Watling who I once thought an honourable person, able to admit he favoured remaining in the EU while accepting the wishes of the country as a whole, and Clacton constituents in particular.

He has degraded himself and shown lack of moral fibre, and placed the future prosperity of this country in jeopardy.

Steven Walker

Sunny Point, Walton on Naze