A HISTORIC attraction’s highly popular ride is on the brink of making its long-awaited return just in time for the school holidays.

The Miami Beach Party, on Clacton Pier, has been out of action for most of this year, due to being sited near a section of the ride deck which was damaged in February.

Last week, however, bosses temporarily closed the outside area of the landmark so the enthralling heart-pumper could be moved into its new position.

According to pier director, Billy Ball, the relocation went very smoothly, and he is now looking forward to seeing thrill-seekers once again enjoying the ride.

“Everything went according to plan and the move was all completed by lunchtime with the outside areas reopening again the next day,” he said.

“The Miami will now go through its routine maintenance and tests along with a reinspection before being ready for operation during the half term holiday.

“With our rides being open on winter weekends and school holidays for the first time I am sure that it will be getting plenty of use and thrilling customers again.”

This year the winter opening of rides is being carried out on a trial basis, but if it works out, the aim is to continue in the future.

Workers are currently putting the final touches to the pier’s Halloween celebrations which will go-ahead in a Covid-secure way.

The traditional Christmas celebrations will also still be taking place, but the extent of which will, of course, be dictated by what is allowed by the Government.

“With things likely to change over the coming weeks we will be keeping a close eye on what we can and can’t do while remaining Covid compliant,” added Mr Ball.

“These are extremely difficult times, but we all have to do what is required to keep everyone as safe as possible.”

Some of the pier’s events have been cancelled all together, however, as a result of Downing Street’s rules regarding large gatherings.

November’s always-well-attended fireworks extravaganza, for example, will not be going ahead this year.

Mr Ball said: “We have not been able to have any of our normal free displays throughout 2020 but that is where we are and we have to respect,” said Mr Ball.

“It is disappointing, but we are not the only ones and it is obviously not possible due to the large crowds they attract.”

Details about Clacton Pier’s Halloween and Christmas celebrations will be announced as soon as possible.