A BANK worker is set to call it quits after serving the people of Halstead for more than 15 years.

Susan Frost, 57, from Halstead, has worked for Lloyds bank as a customer service assistant for four decades.

Now the mother of two is calling it a day after Covid-19 gave her a taste of retired life.

Susan first started working for the bank on June 30, 1980, at Lloyds’ Chelmsford branch.

After seeing the introduction of the first cash machines, Susan relocated to Hertfordshire in 1987 for a year before moving back to Essex and the Braintree branch.

Then, 17 years ago, Susan moved to Halstead and began a connection with the town which would last years.

However, following the coronavirus lockdown and 40 years with the bank, Susan realised that “life is too short” and decided to retire early.

She plans to spend more time with husband Neil, son Ben, daughter Rachel and grandchildren Thomas, aged three, and Henry, one.

Susan said the time she spent at home during lockdown made her realise it was time to retire.

She said: “I’ve been in Halstead for 16 or 17 years and I love living here.

“I see people here all the time and see them during their good times and their bad times.

“They’re like friends to me as well. It’s like Halstead is one big family.

“When Covid hit, I was home with my husband who was also working from home and it was nice spending time together.

“My parents are also getting elderly.

“I want to spend more time with my daughter and her family in Warwickshire.

“I think 40 years was long enough really. Life is too short, I realise that now and I want to enjoy it.

“I want to dedicate time to my grandchildren.

“I also want to be travelling around the UK in our caravan. There are lots of places I want to visit and I have a sort of bucket list of places.”

Susan has been working for the bank since before computers computers came into use and will finally retire on Thursday.

The Halstead team – Lucy, Emma, Jackie, Julie, Jess, Ellen and Sam – say she is special and will be sorely missed.

Lucy McPherson said: “Susan has been a mentor to me since I started at the bank.

“She is always smiling and always happy to help. We will all miss her greatly.

“The Halstead branch won’t be the same without her.”

Emma Gaught added: “Susan has been an integral part of the branch since I started here in 2007.

“She has always been customer service focused and one of our popular cashiers.

“She will be sorely missed by us all.”