A HEARTBROKEN mum who says her daughter has been ostracised as a result of battling more than 100 bone tumours has warned the council: “I mean war”.

Sandra Jenkins, 53, lives in a privately rented flat, positioned on the corner of Station Road and Alexandra Road, in Clacton, opposite the Town Hall.

She lives there alongside her 19-year-old daughter, who suffers from a rare bone disease and has cancerous bone tumours all over her body.

As a result of her debilitating condition, she is unable to walk, and is therefore permanently confined to a wheelchair.

Miss Jenkins says to gain access to her flat she has to climb roughly 40 stairs, meaning her daughter is rarely able to leave the property, unless she is carried out.

According to the caring mum, whose daughter’s doctor is based in Clacton, she has been unable to find any other more suitable buildings within the district.

So, nearly two years ago, in January 2019, she asked Tendring Council representatives if they could look to possibly rehome them.

“Since then my daughter has had two major operations to remove tumours, and her mental state is getting worse and worse,” said Miss Jenkins.

“We were put on the top of the list, but the council has continued to tell me there is nothing available, not even in the whole of Tendring.

“I feel like they have sent me on a wild goose chase as they have only now told me there could be a two year wait, but we could both be dead by then.”

Miss Jenkins, who herself suffers from COPD, has now vowed to not let her relentless pursuit wain until the authority understands the severity of their situation.

She added: “My poor daughter has been ostracised and it is killing me because this is a living hell for both of us, and it is a joke.

“She cries every time she has a bath and our doctor has even told the council that we need to be moved immediately.

“I am considering picketing outside the town hall, because the council has released the beast now, and I mean war.”

Tendring Council was contacted for comment.