DOMESTIC abuse and anti-social behaviour incidents were once again the two most investigated crimes across Tendring for a second summer in a row.

Last month, Essex Police officers operating across the district were called out to - and attended - precisely 428 reports of domestic abuse.

The force’s policing teams had to also address 436 cases of suspected anti-social behaviour in a variety of Tendring towns.

In comparison to August 2019, the latest statistics do not indicate a sharp rise in either the number of reported domestic abuse or anti-social behaviour incidents.

The findings do, however, suggest the summer-on-summer figures are failing to reduce, despite the ever-growing awareness of domestic violence.

Last August, for example, officers also responded to more than 400 domestic abuse calls, and just shy of 400 anti-social behaviour reports.

A spokesman for Essex Police and Essex Compass were contacted for comment.

The district's policing teams also responded to 70 mental health incidents, completed just under 90 stop and searches, and solved 145 crimes last month.