MORE than a dozen potholes are scheduled to be filled in, it has been announced.

Ivan Henderson, Essex county councillor for Harwich, said about 20 potholes are set to be filled around Harwich and Dovercourt in the coming months.

He said he was pleased Kevin Bentley, the deputy leader of Essex County Council and cabinet member for infrastructure, has taken on the request to fill the potholes.

He said: “This just shows were are all being proactive ahead of the winter.”

Mr Henderson said some of the roads with “extremely” bad potholes include Highfield Avenue, in Dovercourt, and The Drive, in Dovercourt.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “Potholes put forward by Essex County Councillors will be fixed using extra investment from Essex County Council.

“All county councillors have until September 21 to submit or add to their lists.

“Inspectors will then visit the sites of the potholes and assess what is required to fix them.

“This may include implementing a temporary lane or road closure if the pothole is located on a busier road which will require an appropriate plan and permit.

“The repairs will be carried out as soon as practically possible following this, with the intention to fix all of the potholes within this financial year.”

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