MALDON District Council leader Adrian Fluker said he was “incredibly sad” that councillors Bob Boyce and Michael Helm had left the Conservative Party.

On Monday, council chairman, Bob Boyce stood down after fellow conservative Michael Helm quit.

It means the Conservatives now have 15 councillors while the opposition independents have 14.

Adrian Fluker said: “Councillors Boyce and Helm have both contributed massively to Maldon District Council over the years and it is incredibly sad that they have both chosen to leave the administration.

“They will of course remain district councillors and will continue to represent residents in their prospective wards.

“Moving forward it is very important that the council starts the recovery process following the health crisis, and that said, I hope all members of the council put their personal differences to one side and act in the best interests of residents and businesses by resetting the democratic structure of the council at the statutory annual meeting on September 3.”

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