A DELIVERY driver has urged motorists to look out for bikers after he was lucky to walk away from a crash.

Zak Shaar, 18, was riding his Yamaha in St Christopher Road, Colchester, on Saturday afternoon when he was involved in a smash.

He had been turning right when he collided with a car which was coming past.

Fortunately, he escaped with very minor injuries and did not need to go to hospital but the £3,500 bike, which was just weeks old, is now out of action.

Zak, who works for Deliveroo bringing food from a range of top restaurants to hungry customers, has urged people to be careful when they are on the roads and look out for people like him.

“I feel pretty lucky to have come out of this without being badly hurt,” he said.

“I was turning right when I had the crash.

“I have been doing this for six months and this is the first accident I have had.

“But there has been a few close calls in that time when I have been out riding.

“Some people drive without checking their mirrors and it can be really dangerous if you do not see a cyclist or someone on a motorbike.

“It is particularly bad in the town centre with the bigger vehicles.

“Everybody should be careful when they are driving and look out for motorbikes and cyclists.

“The police came out and attended but did not stay for very long when it as clear everyone was ok.”

Zak, who is combining his job with studies at Colchester Institute, is now unable to work because his bike is off the road.

“It is only three weeks old,” he said.

“I bought it for £3,500 to help with my work.

“During the lockdown I have been working pretty much round the clock with all the orders.

“It has been so busy.

“Now I can’t work because the bike is off the road and I am waiting for the insurance claim to come through.

“I am not going to be able to earn any money during that time.

“I go to whichever restaurant, usually in the town centre, and deliver to food to people.

“After I came off I had some pain in my arms and my legs but it was not too bad.

“Next time, it could be worse.”