A pregnant mother-of-two was shocked to find out she had two wombs, with a baby in each.

Kelly Fairhurst, 28, and her boyfriend Joshua Boundy, 34 from Braintree received the news that Kelly was pregnant with twins during her 12 weeks scan.

Doctors then discovered that she had two wombs, with a baby in each.

The condition, known as ‘uterus dideplys’ is so rare that the chances of conceiving twins in each womb was one in 50 million.

Kelly, who already has two children, Agyness, 4 and Margot, 3, both born premature, has been told she may have two separate labours.

Kelly said the first thing her and her partner thought was that they 'needed to get a bigger car'.

Kelly said: "I went for my 12 week scan just expecting the one baby in there and then the midwife discovered there was two.

"Then she said you have got two wombs.

"She said she had never seen this before in her 20 years as a midwife.

"I got sent away and the consultant said he needed to talk to someone in London.

Uterus didephys is so rare it is estimated to affect one in every 3,000 women.

"I left there shocked and not really knowing what was going on.

“I told my other half we were having twins and about my condition and the first thing we thought was that we needed to get a bigger car.

“We had always said we wanted more children but we never thought we would have twins, even though on my dads side there are twins and triplets an on my mums and partners side there are twins.

"So there are a lot of multiple births in our families, but this is so rare.

“One of my friends is a midwife and I messaged her straight after I found out and she said its extremely rare, she had never seen it in only read about it in textbooks.

Kelly is now visiting a consultant in London every fortnight to check the health of her and her babies.

“They are amazing there, they are an amazing team.

"The consultant double checked and triple checked.

"It has been confirmed now but once I have the babies we will know more.

"I have been going back every two weeks to London, I have had premature birthday before and I think when you have twins you have to have more regular check ups but where I have to go to London it takes a whole day.

“Because its so rare I only had textbooks and google to research.

“I started to get worried because I had heard a lot about people having miscarriages or horrible experiences.

“But then on Tuesday a woman from Hartlepool contacted me and she didn’t find out until she was in labour that she had this condition.

“She has never spoken to anyone in the UK with the same condition, only across the other side of the world But she now has two happy healthy children.

"A lot of people have said this is so rare but I wasn't expecting this at all.

"We have already got two so we have now got that extra surprise.