The public has been told not to visit Colchester’s recycling centre after the site closed due to traffic problems.

Residents have been flocking to Shrub End Recycling Centre since it re-opened two weeks ago.

But on Monday it was forced to close early after police stepped in amid reports of traffic problems caused by people queuing to get into the tip.

The site reopened to the public today.

An Essex County Council spokesman said: “The recycling centre was closed on the advice of Essex Police as a result of local congestion.

“This was due to large numbers of users ignoring requests to only bring essential waste to the centre, and visitors failing to follow the requests from site staff to move on, leading to the roundabouts outside the centre becoming blocked, and causing congestion.

“The site reopened today, with additional highway officers on site to manage traffic on the highway and improve traffic flow.

"However, the site may have to close if visitors fail to follow the instructions from highway officers.

“We would ask that people only make vital visits to dispose of essential waste – that which is risk to health or poses a risk of injury if stored at home.

"All other waste should be kept at home whilst we manage the current high demand.”

Police said on Tuesday morning drivers refused to listen to staff who were telling them the site was closed.

The Colchester Policing Team said: “This morning vehicles were obstructing the flow of traffic and refusing to leave after staff informed them the site was closed.

“Please listen to staff just because we wear a uniform the rhetoric is the same.

"The only difference is we can enforce the Road Traffic Act.”