A MAN harassed his own father for money before strangling him until he was unconscious.

Jamie Dalzell was serving a suspended prison sentence in February for previously setting fire to his father’s mattress in Rochford last year.

However, he breached this by assaulting his father when demanding money from him.

Dalzell, of St Clare Meadow, Rochford, was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday for common assault and failing to comply with his drugs rehabilitation programme.

The court heard that the 30-yearold, who lives with mental health issues, had gone to his father’s address in Dallas Road, Rochford on February 4, shouting at him demanding money.

His father told him to leave, which Dalzell did, but he then returned, banging on his window.

Dalzell’s father then left his flat after becoming distressed, going into the stairway of his block to be away from him.

However, Dalzell got into the block and chased his father around, before jump kicking him to the floor, before kicking him again.

His father grabbed a fire extinguisher to defend himself, but Dalzell managed to get him in a chokehold and as a result, his father passed out for a few seconds.

The warden of the accommodation then found Dalzell and ordered him to leave.

After being arrested, Dalzell used a blanket to block his cell toilet leading to the floor being flooded.

Mitigating, Ian Clift said: “His mother is extremely concerned about the deterioration of his mental health.

“He describes his mother as a positive influence and his father a negative influence.

“He is extremely anxious not to lose the support of this suspended sentence.”

Mr Clift said Dalzell was supportive of a restraining order against his father.

Judge Samantha Cohen said: “This was a serious assault that lasted for some time and you were fortunate you did not get charged with actual bodily harm for the loss of consciousness.

“It’s as grave a common assault as you can possibly get.”

Dalzell was given five months in prison, a five year restraining order and three month curfew from 8am to 8pm.