A long-suffering car accident victim is set to receive potentially life saving surgery.

Brookin Johnson, 33, who lives in Chelmsford but grew up in Gosfield, was left paralysed from the chest down following two horror crashes over four years ago.

An aspiring model, while in Thailand, Mr Johnson was involved in a hit and run with a truck.

Surgeons saved his foot after reconstructing his foot and leg with screws and metalwork.

Upon returning to the UK after a four month recovery, Brookin was in another serious accident just one week later.

A car crash while going to the gym saw airbags deployed, shunting Mr Johnson's neck back.

Bed bound for over three years, Mr Johnson had metalwork surgically inserted in to his neck but now it is essential the hazardous metal is removed.

The metalwork causes Brookin a tremendous amount of pain, as well as excruciating electric shocks and spasms.

They're also leading to other problematic complex conditions and reoccurring infections.

Mr Johnson has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit twice with life threatening illnesses and has even been admitted, and fought off, sepsis.

While treated at home, Brookin has been admitted to hospital over 100 times in the past two years, mainly caused by acute pain episodes.

Broomfield General Hospital in Chelmsford is Brookin's local hospital but, according to Brookin's mother, they are only able to provide paracetamol for pain relief when he is admitted.

Jackie Rainbird, Brookin's mum, said: "He has no pain management at home, none at the hospital either and there isn't a pain management team reviewing Brookin. We want to get him in to a specialist hospital."

The last time Brookin's family met with the pain management team at Broomfield was 18 months ago in July 2018.

Miss Rainbird added: "He's screaming for hours on end and being offered paracetamol. It's cruel.

"It's heartbreaking to see your child suffering like this every day.

"He's deteriorated to the point that he's fragile. It's difficult to move him."

Mr Johnson has developed allodynia since his paralysis, a condition which causes pain all over the body from what would not normally be painful.

Light, sound, touch and even air can cause pain which makes moving Brookin a very complex and traumatic experience.

Although being turned down treatment at the specialist Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, because they weren't in the catchment area, there is hope in sight, with Brookin potentially getting the operation he needs to remove the metalwork at Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury.

The Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group have now agreed help transport Mr Johnson.

The CCG contacted Miss Rainbird and offered to reach out to Stoke Mandeville to help with appropriate transport.

This comes after Miss Rainbird, 57 ,visited Chelmsford MP Vicky Ford.

The case was passed on to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock who also wrote to the CCG.

For Brookin though, a date set by Stoke Mandeville and the CCG for the surgery can't come soon enough.

Transport to Stoke Mandeville for Mr Johnson's pre op in September had to be aborted due to a lack of appropriate pain control and a qualified paramedic to administer morphine.

Miss Rainbird said: "We are disappointed with the mismanagement because the pre op had to be rebooked and were still waiting

"He's been left untreated and it's frustrating.

"Brookin's been on the waiting list for this surgery for a year and after two reviews he's still waiting.

"We are concerned for his life, it's in the balance."

With the metal removed, Brookin's family look forward for him to begin rehabilitation, the goal being to provide Multidisciplinary treatment at a specialist hospital for the best chance of recovery.

In a joint statement, NHS Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust said: “We are committed to providing the best care we can for patients and we have robust plans in place for the NHS to resolve the concerns raised.

"This is a complex case and we are in regular dialogue with the patient and his family.”

Brookin has a GOFUNDME page where you can donate to help with his recovery here https://uk.gofundme.com/f/BROOKINJOHNSON