A DRINK driver was spotted veering all over the road.

Tiffany Coupland endured a difficult 2019 marred by depression and a battle with split personality disorder, Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard.

Her mental health deteriorated after she stopped taking medication prescribed to manage her condition.

Following a trip to Colchester to see a friend in July, she got behind the wheel of her car and began to drive to her home in Clacton.

Sharon Hall, prosecuting, said: “At 1.50am police officers were on mobile patrol, driving along the A133 at the Weeley roundabout.

“In the layby at the side of the road, an Audi pulled out and appeared to be veering all over the road.”

Officers stopped the car and Coupland admitted she had been drinking.

At the station, a breath machine was found to be faulty, so the officers elected to take a urine sample.

This sample returned a result of 122mg of alcohol in 100ml of urine, exceeding the legal limit of 107mg.

Coupland initially denied a drink driving charge when she appeared before magistrates in October, but days before a trial, she changed her plea.

Paul Baker, mitigating, said Coupland, 26, of Elmden Court, Clacton, had long managed her disorder, severe anxiety and depression with medication but stopped it when she began to feel better.

He said the mother-of-three had attempted suicide several times throughout the year but her outlook had improved.

“Since being arrested by police she has realised she is not well and has gone back on her medication.”

Magistrates banned Coupland from driving for a year and imposed fines and court costs of £365.