An unsatisfied Moat resident has spoken out about the poor living conditions she and her two-year-old son have endured.

Jordan Deemer, 25, of St Giles Crescent, Maldon, moved to her Moat home in May and said she has been living with growing mould for over four months.

The claims come after a 65-year-old Burnham woman slammed the housing association last week for leaving her in a ‘scrapyard’ of mould and damp.

Jordan says she is now worried for her two-year-old son Hunter's health.

She said: “I’m suffering with damp and mould in my flat which they have been aware of for around four months and still haven’t done anything about it and it’s just getting worse.

“It’s covered a wall and a half in my bedroom, it’s covered the windowsills, it’s coming through in my son’s bedroom and on his windowsills.

“It’s come through a small part of my lounge area as well as the windowsills also.

“You can smell it when you walk in my bedroom it’s that bad and everyday it’s just getting worse.

“My concern is my son becoming ill from this and Moat doing nothing about it when they are aware of it and have been for months.

“I’m embarrassed to have anyone over, as the state of my walls in my bedroom are now just green and black from the mould and the smell too!

“They were also aware of it before I moved in to this flat as the residents before me had mould and damp, but still didn’t treat it.”

Jordan claims the housing association, which won an award for its energy efficiency initiative to slash energy bills in October, are ‘useless’.

She added: “I’ve had to throw bedding and clothes away where it smells and feels of damp even after I washed it, it’s stained my curtains too.

“It’s affecting me emotionally. I look at it and feel sad and depressed knowing that Moat knew about the ongoing issue and were happy enough to put me and my son in the property knowing that come winter, mould and damp will occur.”

A spokesman from Moat said: “We are actively supporting our resident with her property and its care.

"We carried out related works in the home prior to her tenancy and we are currently working towards a more permanent solution.

"Where issues of mould and damp are reported in our homes, we follow our standard procedure by assessing the cause, carrying out works where appropriate and offering advice on useful lifestyle changes that can improve the situation.”