A COMPLAINT about Maldon District Council’s leader is to go before a standards committee meeting.

Councillor Chrisy Morris made the complaint against Adrian Fluker in September.

The complaint includes accusations of alleged bullying at Maldon District Council, but the investigator’s report was withheld until after the General Election.

Mr Morris claims Mr Fluker made “throat slit gestures” and a homophobic comment.

In an email to monitoring officer Simon Quelch, Mr Morris said: “I am concerned that these serious and admitted incidents – which are actually criminal offences as the threats made have caused alarm and distress and the comment made was in reference to a protected characteristic (could even be viewed as a hate crime) are not being taken seriously enough.”

Mr Quelch said: “I am waiting for the final report to be sent to me by the investigator.

“When that is with me, I will arrange a date for the standards committee.”

Mr Morris then responded: “The complaint was being heard but purdah prevented this. I hope this is not a ploy to delay and just an oversight or misunderstanding."

Maldon District Council and Mr Fluker declined to comment.