CONSERVATIVE chairman James Cleverly increased his majority by roughly 6,000 votes as he was re-elected MP for Braintree.

Mr Cleverly saw his majority rise to more than 24,000 on election night and cruised to victory with 34,112 votes.

He had secured a majority of 18,422 in the 2017 General Election.

Speaking after holding on to the seat he first won in 2015, Mr Cleverly said: “It’s great to see Conservative colleagues getting re-elected around the county and securing that working majority that we needed.

“We’ve been stuck for such a long time, rowing over and over again about Brexit and what we really want to do is get it done and delivered.

“It is a privilege to be reelected – I love serving in the constituency and the community. I will continue to do so with passion because this is a wonderful place and there are wonderful, wonderful people here.”

Labour votes in Braintree mirrored many constituencies across the UK, with the party getting just 9,439 – down from 14,451 in 2017.

Candidate Joshua Garfield said: “It’s disappointing, and not good at all.

“I am still immensely proud of the campaign we fought in Braintree. Members worked incredibly hard to put forward a vision of protecting our NHS, investing in schools, improving the town centre.

“We have drummed up Labour support which may have been underground and made it clear we’ve got a presence and campaign activity here.

“But sadly, I think the national campaign has scuppered us.”

Lib Dem candidate Dom Graham, who came third, added: “We knew the Tories were going to win in Braintree, so it’s been really difficult.

“Our target was to raise the party profile around here and lay the foundation for future elections.

"We think we have done that.”

Full Braintree results for 2019 General Election

James Cleverly (Con) - 34,112

Joshua Garfield (Lab) - 9,439

Dom Graham (Lib Dem) - 4,779

Jo Beavis (Ind) - 1,488

David Mansell (ind) - 420

Alan Dorkins (Ind) - 261