AN ELDERLY woman living in an accessible home has been left living in a ‘scrapyard’ of mould and damp.

Debbie Evans, 65, of Chapel Road, Burnham, has been worried about her health since a leak left her Moat home flooded more than three months ago.

She first noticed the leak by her radiator in September, but multiple visits from Moat’s builders have not fixed the problem.

Debbie claims housing group Moat, which won an award for its energy efficiency initiative to slash energy bills in October, has failed to fix the issues.

Debbie said: “I am older and suffer with health problems which include arthritis, asthma and mental health issues, and yet Moat housing have left me without central heating or hot water since I had a flood in my flat.

“I have been left in the cold struggling to get by with two small fan heaters and with mould developing to the point where it is making mine and my dog’s chest problems worse.

“I’ve waited three months - there’s no justice. I’ve been waiting a long time. I’ve been pulling the emergency buzzer just to get them to call me back.

“It looks like a scrapyard.”

After losing three close relatives in the past six months, Debbie claims the housing conditions on top are making her depression worse.

Debbie added: “I feel terrible living on these conditions. I’m disabled and having to sleep on the sofa.

“My doctor has written me a letter saying I need to be moved out of there because of my health, but they’re not ringing. There’s no conversation at all.”

A Moat spokesman said: “We are sorry to hear that our resident is unhappy with the service we have provided.

“We have replaced the pipes to her radiators and recently checked that they were working correctly. The leak has led to water damage, and we are working closely with our resident to support her while we rectify this.”