A MAN who launched a foul-mouthed tirade against a fire chief over his decision to drop a cartoon character as their mascot has been jailed.

Jeremy Flashman, 56, of Kings Road, Southminster, left an abusive voicemail, and fired off an abusive telephone call and email to Les Britzman, head of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The malicious communications came after the service’s decision to drop Fireman Sam as their mascot due to concerns it did not promote gender equality.

Flashman sent messages on September 11 this year.

The voicemail was highly offensive, featuring a number of swear words and derogatory comments against Mr Britzman.

A recording of the minute-long tirade was played at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court.

In it, Flashman said: “It’s Fireman Sam here, not Fireman Samantha. Not Fireman…whatever you want to call it, you sick paedophile ****.

“I’ve always wanted to abuse a politically-correct piece of **** like you, you **** sad ****.

“I really hope, I really hope some day, someone comes along and puts you in your **** place, you ****.

“Who do you think you are? Years and years of kids growing up with Fireman Sam and some **** like you decides it’s not appropriate anymore.

“Do you know what? I don’t think you’re appropriate even breathing, you ****.

“Your mother should have been castrated at birth for giving birth to a **** bag like you.”

Flashman admitted three charges of sending a communication or article of an indecent or offensive nature and received a ten-week prison sentence.

Det Sgt Adam Petty said: “The nature of abuse in these communications – sent to the head of a county’s emergency service – was shocking.

“The sentence that Flashman has received for this offence sends out a clear message that we will take action against those who commit these offences, and that abuse of those in the emergency services simply will not be tolerated.”

Lincolnshire County Council spokesman Debbie Barnes added: “Threatening and abusive behaviour to our staff is simply not acceptable. This case involved communication of an extremely abusive and offensive nature.”