A “VICIOUS, nasty bully” knocked his then-partner’s teeth out and threatened his teenage daughter with a knife, a court heard.

James Bizzell also put the woman aggressively in a headlock during a separate attack following an argument after he had been boozing.

After grabbing her tightly round the neck, he forced her into her car telling her to drive off but then started letting her tyres down and emptying her handbag on to the pavement.

Weeks later, again after he had been out drinking, Bizzell snapped after his partner said it had been a shame he had not been home to enjoy nice weather.

He flung his arm out with a closed fist and thumped her in the face, causing her mouth to pour with blood, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Three teeth flew out and another had to be removed. During another incident, after another row between the two, their daughter woke up to her mother screaming for help.

She intervened and then went to the kitchen where her father followed and held a bread knife close to her neck calling her pathetic and an embarrassment.

Bizzell, 42,of Scarletts Road, Colchester, admitted to two counts of assault and another of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The court heard he had been on remand since August and was taking steps to address his alcohol issues.

Bizzell’s mitigation was that he had been under considerable stress from helping to look after a disabled family member.

Judge Emma Peters handed Bizzell a 15-month prison sentence suspended for two years, explaining any immediate custody would see him released in a matter of weeks with limited scope for behavioural change.

She said the 20 rehabilitation days, 240 hours of unpaid work would be “much more onerous than just sitting in a cell”.

She said: “You left long term visible injuries. People should feel safe and secure in their own homes and the fact you struck her in the face, I hope, is to your everlasting shame

“What you did to your daughter was frankly vile.

“Alcohol makes you a vicious, nasty bully.

“My duty is to punish you, deter you and others from this kind of offending, ensure repatriation to the victims but also to rehabilitate you.

“I’m not sure if anybody will agree with my decision but I have decided to suspend the sentence.”

Bizzell was also handed a restraining order banning contact with his ex-partner and children except through letters or solicitors. He must also pay £5,000 compensation to the woman to help pay for her dental work which could cost in excess of £13,000.

Judge Peters warned any failure to comply or further offending would almost certainly result in custody.