A HOSPITAL trust has agreed to rip up a fine handed to a disabled woman who was slapped with a ticket despite having a blue badge.

Jen East, 44, of Salmon Close, Clacton, was visiting Colchester Hospital to see her orthopaedic surgeon.

She has to make frequent visits to the hospital due to arthritis in her knees, which are also prone to dislocating.

Because of her disability, Mrs East is entitled to park in the hospital’s car park free of charge.

She also says signposts are dotted around the car park to reiterate the waived fee and to be eligible visitors simply have to report their blue badge to the general office.

But Mrs East was left infuriated after being issued with a parking fine for £35, despite following the rules.

She said: “I am really annoyed and I think it is highly unfair because it states everywhere that blue badge holders do not have to pay. You take your time and effort to report your blue badge, along with your registration, and then this happens – I am not very happy at all.

“It is really terrible and there clearly is a lack of communication.”

Mrs East was told if she did not pay the fine within two weeks of it being issued the amount owed would increase to £70.

But Mrs East said she would have refused to pay up and wanted to stand her ground for both herself and disabled people who she believes are taken advantage of.

Mrs East said: “There will be some disabled people who will see a fine and be too scared to do or say anything – they will just pay it even though they shouldn’t.

“In my opinion, they are taking advantage of the disabled – so I am not going to pay the fine and I have told them that I won’t be paying it. I am going to fight this.”

The fine was issued by the Car Parking Partnership, which is a private company employed by the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

It is not clear why Mrs East was fined.

A spokesman for the trust said: “No one should be fined if they have a registered disabled badge and parked in a disabled bay.

“If this was the case, then there has clearly been an error.

“We thank Mrs East for raising this and can say we have now rescinded the fine.”