A CANNABIS user who grew his own supply at home to avoid meeting drug dealers was rumbled after officers spotted the plants growing from a neighbouring property.

Daniel Maples, 30, admitted he used cannabis to “self-medicate” as he suffers with PTSD and anxiety.

Officers found five plants growing at his home in Agincourt Road, Clacton.

Adam Warn, prosecuting at Colchester Magistrates’ Court, said officers noticed the plants after they were called to a neighbouring home.

He said: “At that address they noted some cannabis plants growing in a nearby property.

“They attended the address and knocked on the door.

“Mr Maples opened the door and invited the officers in.

“The officers said they had seen some plants growing, so Mr Maples showed them to the rear of the property and showed them the cannabis plants.”

He added: “When asked why he did it he said ‘so I don’t have to meet drug dealers.’”

Maples, who has 13 convictions for 17 offences, admitted producing a Class B drug.

He told the court he no longer needed to use cannabis after his GP wrote him a prescription for an alternative medication.

“It was CBD cannabis, not anything like what other people smoke,” he said.

“I have now gone to the doctors to get myself on medication to deal with that, which I brought with me if you wish to see it.

“You have permission to access my medical records if need be.

“I am not going to lie, I was having a bit of a panic attack this morning waiting out there to come in.

“It made me feel like I have gone ten steps back as now I’ve got my job, children and a lot going for me.”

Lucy Lavender, chairman of the bench, ordered Maples to pay £217 in fines and court costs.

“You talked about it being used for medicinal purposes, this is not the right route,” she said.

“Going to your GP and sorting it out through them is the right route.”