A VIOLENT drunk who threatened to hit his partner with a DVD player was given a “last chance” by magistrates after chalking up his 171st offence.

Mark Dooley, 53, was released from prison in July after he received an 18-week term for throwing a hoover at a police officer in a drunken rage.

He was arrested again on Monday at his partner’s home in Bird Lane, Tiptree, after officers were called to reports of a verbal altercation.

Adam Warn, prosecuting at Colchester Magistrates’ Court, said the alcoholic has 83 convictions for 170 offences.

He said: “The victim is his partner, they have been in a relationship for the past eight years.

“Dooley had threatened to hit her with a DVD player which was held above his head.

“She was visibly upset she said ‘I am scared of him when he is drunk she cannot control him.’

“He did make admissions so far as he couldn’t remember what happened.

“When asked if he was abusive towards her, he said ‘yeah, probably.’”

Dooley admitted a charge of common assault yesterday.

The court heard Dooley has been working with probation officers since his release to

reduce his alcohol consumption.

He said: “I think she is a bit upset about it, it was a stupid act on my behalf.

“I was an idiot, I was drunk, I was paralytic and said a lot of things I shouldn’t have said.

“I haven’t got anywhere else to go, I have been homeless for 28 years.

“Probation are trying to get me a place and I am doing courses.

“I am trying my best here, I don’t drink when I go to these courses.”

Fines and court costs of £190 were added to his outstanding balance of £2,076.

Lucy Lavender, chairman of the bench, ordered Dooley to carry out a 30 day rehabilitation activity requirement and imposed a restraining order protecting Ms Pike.

She said: “I know there were no injuries sustained and you didn’t go through with your threats, but it was nonetheless very frightening for her.”