I AM troubled to read the promises in John Whittingdale’s election campaign leaflet.

I have lived on the beautiful Dengie peninsula for 26 years, pretty well the length of time he has been our MP, and I can attest to the fact that nothing substantial has been done to address the challenges we face in our rural, village and small town life.

In fact, to the contrary, things have got worse.

Our local NHS has deteriorated through lack of funds, lack of staff and a muddle of national policy which has stultified local action.

A new community hospital in Maldon has been promised for 20 odd years.

Our farmland has been sold to developers who have been allowed to build unsuitable housing, with almost no affordable homes for local people and zero essential infrastructure such as improved roads, more schools and GP surgeries. Instead, our country roads are being ruined by heavy lorries, drivers constantly in danger from these leviathans and no safe cycle routes for school children have ever been created despite promises.

There are no police on our streets, an increased crime rate and no confidence that reports of crime will be responded to quickly and effectively.

The future of Bradwell power station is constantly in doubt while we could be focussing on wave power and renewables to do our bit to tackle climate change.

The Conservatives are promising what should have been delivered years ago.

It’s time for a change and I will be campaigning and voting for a vigorous, local activist, the Lib Dem candidate Colin Baldy who will get things done.

Mary-Ann Munford