A RESIDENT has hit out at groups who dumped used fireworks at popular walking spots.

The resident, who wished not to be named, found the discarded fireworks near Riverside and Rifle Hill in Braintree.

One of the locations was near a children’s play park.

He said: “I’m all for people doing what they like around Bonfire Night and enjoying themselves, yet a consistent problem every time something like this happens, year after year, is the litter.

“Do what you like, but at the very least have some respect for people other than yourselves and throw it away.

“The arrogance of the litterers to not only dump their stuff, but to dump it where there are bins in walking distance, is just embarrassing.

“It looks awful and it’s in areas with frequent dog walkers and children, which can potentially be dangerous for both.”

He added: “I know this will ultimately achieve nothing, but hopefully it reminds readers just how awful the littering in the Braintree area is, especially at times like this.

“Have some self-respect.”

He came across the fireworks on November 7, two days after Bonfire Night.