FAST-food delivery drivers in Colchester went on strike due to a row over pay and changes to working conditions.

Employees of Deliveroo joined others across the country on Friday to show their displeasure over changes to the firm’s delivery fees.

More than 15 drivers joined the strike in Colchester, which lasted through to 3am on Saturday.

One Deliveroo worker said: “For orders where we used to get £4.50, we are just getting £3.50.

“In one hour we used to make £12 to £15, but now we are getting less, say £8. From that we have to pay for fuel, business insurance and tax. We have hardly left anything for us.”

A spokesman for Deliveroo said the new rates, which were being trialled in London, were part of a move to improve flexibility for riders.

Scooter riders from across the country took to the streets of Bristol on Saturday to demand better conditions for Deliveroo employees.