I HAVE been very encouraged since my letter in a July issue of the Standard regarding pedestrianising the High Street and Market Hill.

The support has been amazing and have been persuaded to write again.

I'm not interested in petitions as in these days with technology you can muster up a thousand signatures in no time nor running a campaign, I am only putting ideas forward.

I respect those who think otherwise and are proud to claim an association with the most polluted road in Essex being Market Hill and love to see the traffic congestion in both Market Hill and the High Street.

I do respect their views but the remaining 99 per cent think not.

Market Hill and High Street were planned for horse drawn transport and that is the reason large vehicles can't pass at the top bend in Market Hill and the top of the High Street.

The project would have to be undertaken in two phases with the High Street closed between Market Hill and the Rose and Crown with trade vehicles given access before 9am and after 4pm.

The area could be landscaped for alfresco dining, raised bedding for flowers and shrubs and seating areas.

I for one would have my own bench with say an inscription: "Get off, I'm not dead yet, I want to enjoy the bench while I can".

The High Street could be reinvented with no more big chains coming in, only local businesses.

There could be pop-up markets. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

Over time I have come across many pedestrianised high streets and all been a thriving success.

The last two visited were Chester and Bury St Edmunds.

I live in Spital Road and traffic can build up past the hospital and it is slow moving.

So when I walk into the High Street along with the traffic about 50 per cent goes down Market Hill the remainder travels down the High Street and beyond.

The traffic does not stop in the shopping area but goes towards the Blackwater Retail Park or Madison Heights.

I realise traffic will use rat runs as they do now but it won't take long before they realise the bypass and Limbrook Way is quicker.

Spital Road will be used less and the bypass will be used more but at least there is no housing or pavements to pollute on the bypass.

I feel confident the project would be sponsored by businesses and developers who would welcome the opportunity to be involved and demonstrate their goodwill to the community.

I know I am on a winner here because Maldon can't be labelled as having the most polluted road in Essex. Maldon cannot sit on its hands and must act.

Health, wellbeing and a vibrant High Street...could you ask for any more.

Mervyn Perriman

Spital Road, Maldon