A NEW centre has opened offering alternative therapies to help the body and mind.

Fiona Wallis has been offering alternative therapies in Colchester for 20 years including sports massages and counselling. She has worked from gyms and clinics including LW Fitness in Grange Way.

Her business partner Sarah Sexton offers massages and has run a successful business from her home for eight years.

They have now joined forces and are opening the Manor Health and Wellness Centre in Manor Road, Colchester.

Fiona said: “We have 22 other therapists and instructors set to work there who come from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines.

“We have hands-on therapies such as all kinds of massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy and reflexology which all work with the structure and function of the body.

“We all work holistically which means looking at the body as a whole and working out where the issues may have arisen.

“We have energy-based therapies, Reiki and Vitali-chi which can balance the energies within the body.

“We have psychological talking therapies such has emotional freedom techniques which can help the client deal with emotional issues.”

The wellness centre will also offer yoga, pilates, tai chi and meditation in the new studio.

Fiona said: “We are lucky to be in the building that was previously occupied by the Colchester Buddhists. We fell in love with it for many reasons, it is a beautiful part of town and it’s central.

“It seemed fitting it was previously a Buddhist centre so we knew it lends itself to holistic practice."

Fiona and Sarah are no strangers to scepticism and have come across many clients who are dissuaded by the alternative therapies but they say the proof is in the pudding.

Fiona said: “While modern medicine can literally be a life-saver there are instances where people don’t want to take pills if it can be helped.

“I can say from personal experience of wanting to explore other avenues when I was faced with taking drugs long term.

“We have both run successful businesses and this next step has been a dream of ours.”

There will be a grand opening on October 5 from noon.