(need to contact first buses)

Roadworks in Heybridge saw major traffic delays that left kids stranded last week, but the trouble has continued.

Even after the roadworks were completed, some children still faced difficulty getting to school.

Yvonne Spooner, a mum from Tiptree, said: "The buses being late that week due to roadworks is understandable.

"What is not ok is on the return to the Sixth Form College, the 75 bus has been so full by the time it reaches Tiptree that it cannot take any more passengers.

"We pay around £1000 a year for a bus pass for our children and yesterday my daughter waited at the bus stop from 7.25 am and only got on a bus at 9:05."

Ms Spooner claims that the 7.30 am bus didn't arrive, and when her daughter, who is in her second year of A levels, attempted to get on the 8.45 it was too full.

She added: "She was nearly an hour late for college.

"The bus company know how much money they have received from new students in Heybridge and Maldon for the new term, so they should be well aware of how many seats they will need on the bus.

"The fact that we are paying so much and our children are not getting to school is an absolute disgrace.

"I have contacted First buses and asked for an investigation, compensation, explanation and an additional bus but they say it could be two weeks before I get a reply.

"Her University potential and career could be affected if they don't sort it out."

Another upset parent, Simon Croft, said: "The way its been handled is atrocious.

"Plume haven’t been told by Essex Highways of the roadworks, which isn't a shock.

"The 75 with new joiners is now running delayed and probably over capacity along Colchester Road.

"We're paying an immense amount of money for my daughter to use the service from Great Totham to Colchester, but the buses just drive past with 30 kids standing there in the rain.

"Parents are under pressure from schools and colleges regarding time keeping and attendance, so why cant the suppliers step up with the colleges and talk with one another pre term to discuss the demand?"