ROAD safety measures are being introduced outside a special school.

Yellow “no stopping” lines have been painted on the road outside Market Field School, a school for children with special educational needs in Elmstead Market.

Parents were initially concerned as they thought the lines would prevent them picking up their children and dropping them off.

However, headteacher, Gary Smith, contacted Essex County Council and it was explained the yellow lines were part of a bigger road upgrade.

Mr Smith said: “I was angry when I first saw the planning application so I complained and the council came to speak to me.

“It was a difficult situation as I empathise completely with the parents but we have nothing outside in terms of safety."

He said the lines were part of a bigger package of safety measures which include “no stopping” zones during the busiest times, zig zag lines and speed limit changes.

He said: “Speed limit signs will be moved further down the road. There will be a 20mph speed limit outside the school.

“We will, somehow or other, get some more parking spaces in.”

The school is just after a 60mph speed limit and cars are known to go too fast in front of the building. The works will ensure cars slow down at the school.

Jennifer East’s daughter Tayla attends the school. She has autism, global developmental delay and anxiety problems.

Jennifer said she was sceptical about the changes to begin with.

She said: “I drive her to school myself as she won’t get in a taxi. The council introduced yellow lines all the way down School Road.

“Parents only found out because the form asking for planning permission was put on a lamppost. Then we all submitted complaints and requests the work shouldn’t be done.”

The works were arranged and carried out by the North Essex Parking Partnership.

A spokesman for the partnership said: “The parking restrictions have been introduced following consultation, which also closely involved the school.

“An alternative lesser scheme was developed by the partnership following comments from the school, but this was changed back to the original after the school subsequently decided to improve access on its own site in addition to a 20mph restriction introduced by Essex Highways as part of the overall scheme.”