AN unusual and unique Frinton home, distinctively recognisable by its circular structure, has been put on the market for just under one million pounds.

The plush-looking house, which was built between World War One and Two in 1934, is being sold by Fine & Country Estate Agents for the hefty price of £950,000.

Designed by Oliver Hill - a renowned British architect influenced by curved designs - the three-bedroom masterpiece offers stunning panoramic views of the seaside town’s seafront.

The two-tier residence, which looks as retro as it does futuristic, has a mini-moat and bridge leading to the impressive creation’s front door, while a hot tub in the back garden continues the circular-theme.

Braintree and Witham Times:

Internally, the fancy home is equally as impressive, and it is kitted out with sleek modern amenities that add splash of colour to the otherwise pure white backdrop.

A games room boasting a fittingly vintage pinball machine exudes an era-defining vibe and even after more than 80 years the eye-pleasing and quirky property still retains its 1930s mosaic floor.

Braintree and Witham Times:

Elsewhere, large egg-shape chairs that wouldn’t look out of place on an Austin Powers filmset give off a psychedelic 70’s aura which makes you feel as if you have stepped through a time warp.

The artistic property was initially meant to be part of a modernist settlement called the Frinton Park Estate which, if completed, would have seen more than 1000 houses built over 200 acres of land.

The project, however, soon came to a halt, but 10 of the homes that were built and designed by Oliver Hill remain standing.

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