A COUNCIL home has been closed to visitors after repeated reports of anti-social behaviour and drug abuse.

Colchester Borough Homes was granted the order by Colchester Magistrates’ Court for 9 Taylor Court, in St Helens Lane, in the town’s Dutch Quarter.

Sarah King, representing the authority, described numerous complaints registered by neighbours.

She also revealed the account of one police officer, who stopped and searched a 16-year-old boy outside the property.

He was found to be carrying cannabis, an amount of cash and a wooden bat.

Ms King told the court: “A search revealed a number of people staying at the property.

“All appeared to be under the influence of drugs and were known to be drug users.

“Several neighbours who haven’t wished to be identified registered concerns about anti-social behaviour at the property and suspected drug activity.

“One resident reports anti social behaviour having a detrimental effect on their mental health.

“For these reasons the council submits a closure order is necessary to prevent anti-social behaviour continuing.

“A closure notice was issued yesterday and displayed on the front door of the property.”

A three month closure order was granted, banning anyone from entering or spending time at the property, with the exception of tenant Shane Cartwright, emergency services and representatives from the council.

A Colchester Borough Homes spokesman said: “We take complaints of antisocial behaviour seriously.

“Today’s action shows that we are committed to supporting safe and quality communities for our residents.”