Residents will get the chance to dish the dirt on developers building near their homes when TV cameras come to town.

Independent film company Knickerbockerglory will be visiting Braintree later this month as it puts together footage for a new documentary looking at building works and the detrimental impact they can have on builders or those living in the neighbouring areas.

Programme makers are searching for residents happy to share their stories about their experiences of dealing with developers.

A spokesman said: "The documentary will look to explore behind the headlines, discussing the topics of dust, noise and how this impacts people's daily lives. In addition to this do they feel as a result of the building works their neighbours are feeling under pressure?

"Or is it causing tension on the street?

"We will also be exploring the other view point and we will be championing builders who are following all of the regulations and are coming up against neighbours constantly obstructing them at every turn."

Knickerbockerglory has worked on a number of Channel 5 documentaries, including GP’s Behind Closed Doors and The Gypsies Next Door.

Anyone interested in taking part in the programme should contact 07720 694785 or email