A RETIRED doctor has been voluntarily removed from the medical register.

Abdul Al Sayed, who worked as a GP at Kelvedon’s Brimpton House Surgery until April, was granted his request for voluntary erasure before a tribunal was set to rule on his fitness to practise.

The misconduct hearing was set to examine allegations from 2016 which said Dr Al Sayed acted inappropriately towards a female at the surgery.

His conduct was said to have included a hug, a kiss, asking her to go out with him and putting his arm around her waist.

The woman’s allegations were investigated by Essex Police, resulting in a criminal trial in 2017 for one charge of sexual assault for an alleged kiss on the lips.

Dr Al Sayed denied the allegation and was acquitted by the jury following the trial.

Before the tribunal ruled on Dr Al Sayed’s fitness to practise, the panel agreed to grant his application for voluntary erasure, saying it was “appropriate, fair and proportionate to do so in the interests of justice”.

A report said there were “exceptional circumstances” which led them to granting the application.

It said: “The tribunal was mindful that there has been a court case and that Dr Al Sayed has been acquitted.

“This was the only complaint that has been raised with the General Medical Council regarding Dr Al Sayed’s behaviour during his career and the tribunal had regard to the views of those who worked with him.

“The tribunal had regard to the positive testimonials from a number of colleagues and patients.”

It added: “The tribunal was of the opinion that, given Dr Al Sayed’s clear dedication and many decades of practise, a decision to apply for voluntary erasure would not have been made lightly.”

The tribunal heard Dr Al Sayed had been a practising medical professional for 34 years during which time he faced no other misconduct allegations. He saw his last patient in April before formally retiring in June.