A crunch meeting arranged to resolve a dispute over a fast food restaurant's plans to sell alcohol has been adjourned following last minute talks.

Essex Police had strongly objected to Hasan Yasasin’s bid to obtain an alcohol license from Braintree Council for his Favourite Chicken and Ribs eatery in Newland Street, Witham.

Mr Yasasin has a late night refreshment license permitting him to sell hot food and drinks between the hours of 11pm and 1am and had been seeking a new license to allow him to sell alcohol.

The council’s licensing sub committee was set to rule on the application tomorrow during a special meeting which had been called after Essex Police lodged an objection during the consultation period.

However, that meeting has now been abandoned after the two parties reached an agreement over revised conditions and the force withdrew its objection.

A letter sent to the council by Police Licensing Officer Wendy Turner stated the force had been unhappy with the lack of detail on how Mr Yasasin intended to meet four key objectives.

These include how he aims to address any concerns that selling alcohol would negatively impact crime and disorder, public safety, public nuisance and the protection of children from harm.

The letter added: “The site of the premises is within a high footfall area both during the day and at night.

"The area is already subject to high levels of crime disorder, especially within the night time economy and the applicant has offered no conditions which would restrict the sales of off the streets sales to persons coming into the shop or to prevent customers coming into the shop to collect their order.

"There is an associated potential for litter, street drinking and serving to intoxicated persons in a public place.

“Given the total of lack intention by the applicant to address any of the licensing objectives, Essex Police is extremely concerned that the applicant, via his lackadaisical approach will take order from under 18s or unwittingly accept proxy purchases and subsequently deliver alcohol to under 18s.”

Mr Yasasin will now be granted a license having apparently addressed the concerns raised by Essex Police.