A DIRECTOR behind a plan to bring mini golf to Castle Park has allayed fears from residents about potential late-night boozing.

Putt in the Park is creating its first course outside London in the lower part of the Colchester beauty spot close to the area known as Duncan’s Gate.

The firm already has planning permission and work to build the course is well underway.

However, a licensing application recently lodged said the company wanted to serve alcohol on and off site throughout the day and until 11pm at night.

But Justin Fish, a director of the company, said they only have plans to be open as and when the park is open - meaning they will shut at 5pm in the “winter” and 9.30pm in summer - and had no intention for people to take their alcohol away from the course.

He said: “We don’t expect to have any off-sales. It was just a standard form which was filled in. We would be more than happy to make amendments to make our intentions more clear.

“We will close when the park closes.”

Mr Fish said the plan was for people to be able to have alcohol alongside their meal at a snack bar near to the course or enjoy a tipple as they complete the course.

Mr Fish said: “I don’t understand why it has been put in to the council differently.

“I have spoken to people living in the Riverside estate and we will change things in the application if we need to.”

Castle ward councillor Simon Crow (Con) said he had been contacted by people living in nearby Wakefield Close and the Colchester Civic Society about the conditions of the application.

He said: “This will encourage unacceptable late night noise, as well as antisocial behaviour, in the area.

“This is a move I am concerned may also be aimed at the lucrative corporate market and stag and hen parties, as well as large groups, to take place in a completely unsuitable setting late at night throughout the week.

“Where is this alcohol to be drunk?

“In the park where alcohol is banned except during special events?

“In the town centre which is covered by a Public Space Protection Order prohibiting public drinking?”

Bosses are hoping the course will be open in late July.